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  1. Hi Kelly,
    Are you writing about librarians that identify as LGBT and African American, or librarians that are either African American or LGBT? Are you seeking qualitative or quantitative data? I always recommend conducting dissertation and thesis searches first, to see if anyone has newly written on the topic. If however, you are seeking quantitative data, there are databases that allow for you to search data sets and statistical data. One that I recommend is Statistical Insight by Proquest which holds direct access to data sets. A quick search on Statistical Insight shows an Association of Research Libraries 2011 survey from the ARL Annual Salary survey… This could be a lead depending on the information that specifically you are seeking.

    There are also some studies that provide data on African Americans in higher education, librarians in higher education, or academic libraries, with some breakdown of demographic data which may contain race as a variable.
    Since you are a Pratt SILS student, I won’t exhaust you with research options, and I’m not sure of your access points to statistical data, but below are some databases and/datasets that come to mind.
    You may want to try using ALA generated statistics (which I’m not sure if it is broken down by sexual orientation and/or race).
    In the Inter-university Consortium for Political Science Research, you may find some of the following items below:

    The Ithaka S+R Surveys of Higher Education Series (ICPSR 35352)
    Current Population Survey Series
    National Center for Education Statistics (ICPSR 2215)
    Survey on Humanities Graduate Education and Alternative Academic Careers

    If you’d like to talk in person or over the phone, contact me at

  2. Hi John,
    Thank you for your inquiry. I don’t currently have the play uploaded to any repository or published anywhere in particular, but this is a good idea to do! How’s this, I’ll post Act ONE here on this site, and on the site and if you’d like more, we can talk further.
    I’ll let you know when the text is up!

  3. kelly says:

    I am writing an article about the under-representation of African Americans and LGBT in academic libraries. Do you know where I can get recent data about this topic? I would really appreciate any information or a point in the right direction.
    Kelly Hamilton

    P.S. I liked your talk at Pratt a few weeks ago. Take care.

  4. John Fisher says:

    Dear Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz-

    I am artistic director at Theatre Rhinoceros in San Francisco. I’ve read about your play Saturnistas and would love to read a copy. Is that possible?

    Thank you for your consideration,

    John Fisher

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