Social Media and Reference

On Thursday, June 26th 2014, I presented at the METRO SIG (Special Interest Group) on Reference with the topic of Social Media in Reference. I discussed the Graduate Center’s use of our liaison relationship structure to introduce a model for reference service focused on individual relationships and enhanced by Social Media. The majority of the conversation was on the Staff Photo Project and a larger conversation on Social Media.

The Presentation Slides can be viewed here: Librarians as Friends: Social Media and Reference

Notable Points Included:

  • The Staff Photo Project
  • Social media Tools including the Library Blog, Digital Signs, Audio-files, Collaborative Relationships, and the CUNY Commons Social Media platform
  • Examination of what other libraries have done
  • The Photo-Process: Collaborations, Challenges, and Benefits of photo-taking
  • Considerations for sign deployment
  • How the Photo Project has led to shifts in library service.

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